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La Grande Enjambée, St Lézin – June 2013 by Pierre Borderon

Pierre-Borderon1 Pierre-Borderon2 Pierre-Borderon3 Pierre-Borderon4

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Terra – Festival Imaginarius (PT) – May 2011 by Bruno Costa:

The day show by Denis Piffeteau:

The night show by Denis Piffeteau and Vincent Point:

Photos by Marisa Alves (creation residency in espaço114, portugal):

 » « These are ground sheets, pants, cloth, stockings, feet, arms of land that is now bruised panels are sculptures, sometimes wiping the floor, now are stretched on the grass in the sun to dry, now covers the ladies are put back flaps before going to mass. Cloths telling us / stories sing with the dance of bodies. And the thick lines of the fields converge at the vanishing point that rises into the tree. Fabrics suspended waiting … «